Minor Savings

Minor Savings

Kids learn reading, writing, and arithmetic to prepare for the real world. It's only natural they learn smart money habits, too. The best way to learn is hands-on — with their very own savings account.

For just a $10 opening deposit, this savings account is easy to open and even easier to maintain. And since learning firsthand about fees isn't as fun as learning about savings, this account has no monthly service charge.


  • Free savings account designed for people under eighteen*
  • Earn compounded interest daily
  • Endless possibilities for savings
  • Supplement your allowance
  • Save up for a car when you're 16
  • Start saving early for college
  • No monthly service charge
  • Free First State Bank ATM card to access funds**
  • ATM card will be in the name of parent or guardian
  • Up to 6 withdrawals and/or transfers allowed monthly
  • $10 minimum deposit to open

*A parent or guardian of the minor must be a joint account owner.

**You may be charged a fee when using a non First State Bank ATM.